Design and turnkey furniture for cosmetics, restaurant and bars, retails and offices. Contract furniture within incomparable delivery time and quality.

Modulproject, a name that reflects a vocation. Modulproject, with its systematic and functional industrial approach, is a modern and multidisciplinary company headed for the future. We design and create furnished interiors and setting-ups that efficiently integrate and adjust to our clients’ demands, with a problem solving orientated perspective of accuracy and functionality. Our working model prevents the client from scattering by entrusting to one contractor, that void the risks of bad surprises. Coherence among the project, the result and the respect of the budget and deliveries are guaranteed by the total control of the supply chain.








Amount of realised cubic meters


Average growth of the clients’ turnover


Average growth of attendance in the realised stores


Realisation of turnkeys stores with custom-made furniture.


General contractor that guarantees quality and professionalism from the consultation to the design, from realization to after-sales assistance.


Modulproject works all around Europe in the following fields: cosmetics, fashion, food, office, wellness, hotel industry. The industry is exclusively “made in Italy”.



We listen to our clients’ needs and expectations by collecting, with a possible survey and evaluation of the property, all the information that are indispensable for developing a custom-made project.



Our design team develops creative and functioning proposals, supported by samples, technical solutions, 3D photorealistic simulations and feasibility studies.



Our technicians sharply develop the architectural and executive design, including the building’s services, lighting engineering, furnishing, shop windows. Integrated desing allows full control of every planning aspect and transparency and efficiency in scheduling.



Our project managers coordinate every phase of the construction work, ensuring that deadlines and quality standards are respected, as per our strict terms of the contract, in every single step of the production chain.



Our specialised teams install all the components, assemble the furniture and take care of the finishings on site. The staff’s proficiency and the meticulous supervision in every single construction phase guarantee the respect of the deadlines and the preventive management of any operational aspect.



Integrated desing allows us to access quickly to all the project information and to make with the utmost responsiveness any special intervention or any adjustment through our after sales service. We ensure customer assistance and support, paying attention on the client’s changing needs over time.

Your workspace can improve your business


Modulproject arose from the sharing of the multiple experiences of its founders within integrated design, architectural management and supply chain for over 10 years. Its approach is oriented to look after the customer from the design of the space to the after-sales service.

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